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Naturopthy PLUS

Naturopthy PLUS

Naturopthy PLUS

The Biolight
for energetic, living, healthy, salutary and vital water

B i o l i g h t  i s  l i f e

biowaterworld introduces The Aqua Biolight, a system consisting of a new photometric process.

Biolight transmits pulsating Photons to the surroundings, i.e. to water.

Aqua Biologht  Photon

The water's molecular structures are regenerated and sorted based on natural bio-resonance levels
(iBBU; bioenergetic water investigations).

This living, energetic Biolight water, enriched through temporarily H3O2, like the water in the body cells, is bio-energetically stabilising, healthy, salutary and reinforces life-friendly frequencies, and wave ranges for Body, Mind and Soul.


The Bio-Photons are not only just Photons, they play a significant role in communication within and between the cells.

Also HoraCare, medicine into the next generation, refers to biowaterworld.

There are two versions of Biolight systems. The Biolight HH is designed for direct connection in the kitchen under the sink, in the bathroom etc. The Biolight K is designed for larger throughputs and is installed i.e. on main supplies, in the house distribution and swimming pool recycling

Biolight HH

Biolight improves the quality of potable water, proven by freezing and shooting pictures of the ice crystals

Ice CrystalsIce Crystals

Berliner mains tap water  before and after energizing with Biolight

Horses have also shown significant positive healing effects after having drunk Biolight water only.

In a stable 3 out of 8 horses have drunk Biolight water during 112 days. The quanten study with the EAVET analyzer shows, that the Biolight treatment gives a very positive and salutary result, especially on the level of the body cells.

EAVET analyser

Bacterias in swimming pools are eliminated and germs are significantly reduced without chemicals. The water is energetic and vital.

There are  Biolight systems for pools (the same model K)

Biolight K

Special systems with 4 Biolight units, Oloids and a Pyramid, which reinforces the energy once more, are available for natural pools.

Biolight Oloid Pyramid

Other – industrial Biolight solutions are designed and manufactured by for i.e. food- and beverage industry, environment friendly treatment of produced water of the oil industry, surface water and service water of petrol stations.